Friday, May 10, 2013

Hot and Cold

When teaching the concept of hot and cold to our little ones, we used lots of different materials.

Introduction: The first thing  that we used to teach Hot and Cold was a set of flashcards. 

Flashcards can be used in several different ways:
1. Use the flashcards to introduce the students to the new vocabulary words that they will be learning.
2. Place the flashcards in a center for extra practice. 
3. Have students sort the cards into groups using the Hot and Cold title cards.
4. Bind the hot words together into a book. Bind the cold words together into a book. Put the books in the reading center for students to practice. 

Writing Center: We made a set of tracing cards to help the little ones learn to write the hot and cold words. 

Reading: Even in PK, it is important to teach the little ones to read. So we made some really cute mini guided reading books to help them practice their vocabulary words while learning some early reading concepts.Each book is just one page that is folded to give the little ones the right amount to read. 


Coming very soon!!!
Center Games and Activities: We know how much fun the little ones like to have so we came up with some cute sorting activities and games. 
     1.  Cookie Sheet Sorting:
     2.  File Folder Game:
     3. Matching Game:
     4. Dress a Bear:  

Hot Cold Experiment:  
Science Journal Entry:


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